• Horse Racing Betting Strategy for Wheeling Horses

    If you’re serious about making money betting on horses you will not only have to learn to handicap so you can evaluate the runners and compare them to each other, but you’ll also have to learn how to bet to get the most profit for the risks that you take. In other words, you’ll have to learn how to handicap and how to bet.

    Wagering on races is fun but can also be risky and profitable and a lot of what you get out of it depends on the kind of person that you are. The risks that you take will be directly related to your comfort level and need for that adrenaline rush from plunking down cold hard cash and watching a race. One popular way to wager on races is the wheel bet, or wheeling.

    Wheeling means that you place a horse on top in an exotic bet, such as the exacta or trifecta and then if that horse wins, you win, though what you win depends not only on the odds of your wheel horse, but also on the odds of the horses that complete the exotic bet. That’s really throwing caution to the win and taking a gamble because, while you may know the odds on your top horse, you’ll have no idea which horses may complete the bet and therefore, you won’t have a clue as to what the wager may return.

    Wheeling is a win bet on steroids and without filters. It may seem easy at first because you don’t have to go to the trouble of figuring out which horses to play with your horse as you do when you play a key bet and key the horse over a select group of horses, but you pay for that ease with a lot of combinations that don’t and can’t come in.

    For instance, in a trifecta bet with your horse wheeled on top in an 8 horse race, there are 42 possible combinations that may come in, but when the race is finally official, only one of them will pay off. That means that you’ve spent an extra $41m if you play a dollar trifecta wheel, for nothing. On the other hand, if you can narrow it down to four possible horses that may complete the trifecta the wager only costs $12.

    The problem, of course, is that the very horses you eliminate because they appear to have no chance, will pay the most if they do manage to get into your trifecta. Leaving out long shots means you’ll miss the big payouts and only hit the smaller trifectas. Admittedly you’ll cash more tickets, but will you make a profit?

    Depending upon your ability to take risks and sit through some losing streaks, I recommend a compromise. Key your top horse over 4 other horses for that $12 bet, but instead of using just the top four horses, play two horses that figure to run well and see if you can find two others that have a reason, no matter how slight it may appear, to run in the money. It’s a compromise between gambling and handicapping.

  • Horse Racing Betting – Types Of Wager And Helpful Methods

    What are the essential tasks in horse racing betting and why are they necessary?

    Gather information.

    The information that you should gather will be about the past records of the equines on the track that you are planning to place your wager on. Know how they have performed in their last race and how often they run. An active racer is surely fit. Know how their jocks and veterinarians train and nourish them. You must also know how they perform in short or long distance and how they do in their course. Each equine has their personality and some of them like certain tracks which they can perform well on.

    Analyze the information gathered.

    If you are waging a big amount of money, it is very important to perform crucial tasks to win the game but if you are only waging a small amount, these tasks can be tedious and not worth your effort. If you find it hard to analyze the information you gathered, you can hire a reliable expert who can guide you with it. Avoid tipsters who advice sure wins because winning the game depends on the combination of luck, efficient information gathered and your wise judgment.

    Make a wise judgment on which equine to bet on.

    You know that winning this game depends on the equine’s performance. Making a wise judgment is hard. Whether it took you long or fast to make a final one, you can never tell which one will come out right until it happens. Never ignore information that you get even how small impact you think they can provide. Learn from your mistakes and avoid them from happening again. You must find out how you made those mistakes and find out how to make it right.

    Know the kind of wager to bet on.

    • Straight bet – you win if your opted equine is the first across the finish line.
    • Place – you win if your contestant finishes as the first or second.
    • Show – you win if your champion finishes as first, second or third.
    • Combination bet – you choose two up to four horses to gain victory in opted order
    • Pick 3 – Picking three winners on three consecutive races
    • Pick 6 – Picking six winners on three consecutive races
    • The Daily Double – placing a wager before the first race and win if the opted contestants win the first and second race.
    • Quiniela – if opted horses finish first and second place in any order,in a single race, you win.
    • Quiniela Box – you pick three or more horses. Any of the two must finish first and second place to win.
    • Quiniela Double – a combination wage of two winning quiniela in the last two races.
    • Quiniela Wheel – opting for a champion and combine with other equines.
    • Perfecta – the two picks must finish in the exact order to win.
    • Straight Trifecta – pick three champions and win of they finish in exact order.
    • Superfecta – picking the first four and you collect if they win in an exact order.

    Horse betting is fun and addicting. Many people have become enthusiasts for many years. Engaging in this activity requires expertise and if you are new in the realm, you must learn the basics in order to place your money on the right equine.

  • Golden Rules of Horse Racing Betting

    Horse racing handicapping is the art or science of picking winners and evaluating horses in order to determine each horses chance of winning. The reason we evaluate all the runners and not just the obvious few who seem by far the best is because sometimes a long shot does win a horse race. If you determine that a horse has a chance to win a race and if the same race was run ten times it would probably win at least one of those times.

    A simple method of money management is to simply bet a percentage of your bankroll for the day and only let your bankroll for the day be a percentage of your total bankroll. Therefore, you will almost always have enough for at least one more bet and won’t miss any opportunities. Keep it simple and stick with your plan to bet the same amount.