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  • Stronach Expresses Disapproval Over Casinos & State Lotteries

    Casinos and LotteryFrank Stronach, Canadian politician and businessman, recently was a part of a Q&A session at the Gideon Putnam Hotel. On being asked his views on state lotteries and gambling in casinos, he said that these options come nowhere close to the thrills and excitement of horse betting. The racing mogul, one of the richest people in the country, owns some of the famous racetracks like Santa Anita, Gulfstreamn, and Pimlico among others.

    Improvement on the track

    He even mentioned that the promises of racing being kept afloat by revenue from casinos will also be broken eventually. He feels that the politicians are responsible to some extent for creating a partition between the gambling audiences, which previously would stick only to horse betting. On the other hand, he is aware that the quality of racetracks is also coming down. To ensure that betting on horses continues getting the kind of attention it got initially, it is necessary to provide best-in class features to its high-profile gamblers. Apart from making race tracks more appealing to the younger crowd, basic facilities like better seating arrangements and food too need to be provided.

    In addition to providing quality service, racing also needs to be monitored closely to ensure that the horses are not abused, there is no cheating, and that the workers are not mistreated.

    Work in harmony

    Stronach also feels that the industry has to work together to be able to bring back the kind of repute that was associated with racing, in the past. Today there are a lot of options for people to have fun, or to gamble, so the industry needs to give them enough reasons to believe that what racing can offer, no one else can. He is also against the idea of racetrack owners shifting from the main focus of offering a place to race and instead concentrating on turning the place into a real estate play.

    However, Jeff Gural, another biggie in the industry shares his experience by mentioning that it is difficult to get the younger lot into racing as all they want to do is have a good time and not really part with their money.

  • Player Walks With £7,000 Courtesy MFortune’s Online BlackJack

    One of the largest mobile gaming casinos in the world, mFortune recently announced big winners in blackjack and roulette.

    All achieved from the convenience and comfort of mobile phones, the blackjack winner took home a huge win of £7,000, while the roulette player won £12,500.

    New gaming era

     blackjackAs more people shift from desktop computers to smart phones and portable devices like tablets, mobile casino games have gotten increasingly popular.

     Mobile casinos like mFortune are encouraged by the keen interest players have shown in mobile gaming applications. An attraction that’s growing by the day, people prefer using their phones to kill wait time during the day or while relaxing at home.

     Reports suggest that most mobile casino players spend time playing blackjack on their phones while on the commute or while during mundane tasks like waiting in a queue.

    Big wins

    Certified and legitimate winnings await keen and excited players who enjoy pulse racing and adrenalin pinching mobile games. Get rolling with special joining offers on a mobile application that has several player bonuses in store along the way.

    You can stand to consistently win big amounts by playing mobile casino games like blackjack. Throughout 2013, numerous players received large payouts with massive wins declared by mobile casino game providers.

    A larger gaming audience also equates to higher wins and huge jackpots. Unbelievably, mobile casino game jackpots have reached six figure sums over £100,000.

    Mobile blackjack

    Novice players are sure to learn a thing or two while playing blackjack on their mobiles. To begin with, the game gives players the option to play free games or make bets for as low as 10p.

    In addition to letting you learn the many betting strategies of blackjack, mobile gaming can help you understand the skills involved in holding your table and build your ability to beat the dealer, ensuring massive cash wins.

    Also, you can avoid hassles while playing mobile blackjack with the advantage of making payment deposits via your phone.

  • Wynn Las Vegas Opens Betting On 2014 Kentucky Derby

    Wynn Las Vegas Kentucky Derby

    Wynn Las Vegas has opened their futures betting book for the 2014 Kentucky Derby, catching the attention of gaming enthusiasts across the U. K. Although it is almost nine months until “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” horse racing fans with an eye on the long term are already queueing up to place their bets on early favorites.

    Nine Months Before The Race There Is A Hundred Horse Field

    Johnny Avello, the director of Race and Sports Operations at Wynn Las Vegas, has used his expertise to exhaustively comb through years of race data and give odds on the still-distant race. There are about a hundred horses in the 2014 futures betting book, most of which have odds between 100-1 and 200-1. At this distance there are only seven horses that stand out far enough from the pack for Mr. Avello to give them better odds than that. D. Wayne Lucas’s colt Strong Mandate was the favorite in the opening odds, starting at 40-1. He has since been passed by veteran trainer Shug McGaughey’s new horse, Honor Code, who has already come down to 35-1. McGaughey trained the winner of last year’s Derby, and many bettors hope that he will repeat the victory.

    What Makes A Horse A Good Bet Right Now?

    With so much time before the race Mr. Avello can only be guided by experience, instinct, and statistics. His primary data comes from the other races that prospective Derby horses ran. Races such as Saratoga and Iroquois are examined closely, which is why Strong Mandate was an early favorite. Although the trainers are also an integral part of the equation, the track record remains the surest guide.

    Avello’s Track Record

    Interestingly, the winner of the 2013 Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown, McGaughey’s colt Orb, was only given 200-1 starting odds by Mr. Avello in his 2013 futures betting book. A great number of factors came together to influence the outcome of the 2013 race, especially the unexpected rain and the mud that it created. Golden Soul, the runner-up, was also at 200-1 odds, while the third and fourth place horses opened at 100-1 and 175-1 respectively. The horse that he gave the single best odds to, Bob Baffert’s Power Broker with 45-1, did not even participate in the Derby last year. This demonstrates that, even for the most experienced oddsmaker, there are severe difficulties to long-range predictions of the future.

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