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  • A win at any price

    In the fast-paced world of horse racing, where fortunes can be won or lost in a few short minutes there is always the temptation to use underhand methods to grab that much needed win or ensure your horses stay on top.

    In the 70s, the Uruguay Swap scandal made international news when vet, Dr Mark Gerard purchased two similar looking horses, from the South American country, for his boss – a winner named Cinzano and a dud, Lebon. The good doctor then claimed the winner had been killed in an accident, with the unsuspecting owner claiming the poor horse’s insurance policy. As it turned out Cinzano was alive and the lesser talented Lebon had been laid to rest in his place.


    Soon the true Cinzano was put to race under the recently departed’s name and as he romped home to victory at extraordinary odds, the crafty doctor made a huge pot of money on his bets. However the game was up when a racing editor from the horse’s home country recognised Cinzano for who he actually was. Dr Gerard found himself sitting with a one year sentence and a $1,000.

    For a more detailed account and other racing scandals, find the original article here:  http://www.nola.com/horseracing/index.ssf/2011/07/scandals_in_horse_racing_numer.html

  • Spotlight On: A Few Great Jockeys

    This is a guest post by Austin Green, promotions manager at Sun Vegas Casino, the UK’s hottest online casino.

    Julie Krone

    In 1993 she won the Belmont Stakes making her the first female jockey to win a Triple Crown Race. And in 2000 she became the first female inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. By the time she retired she had won 3,545 races, with more than $81 million dollars in purse earnings.


    Willie ShoeMaker

    This racing legend was so small at birth he was not expected to survive and he spent his first night in a shoebox in the oven to stay warm. Willie held the world record for number of professional victories – 8,833 – for 29 years.

    Russell Baze

    Baze has had more race wins than anyone else in horse racing history – 11,807, and in early 2013 completed his 50,000 career race. Between 1995 and 2008 Baze won The Isaac Murphy Award for the highest winning percentage every year, but one. In 2004 and he came second.

    Lester Piggott

    English jockey Piggott can trace his horse racing traditions well into the 18th century. In his career, Lester won the Epsom Derby – probably the most prestigious race in England (and the original ‘Derby) – nine times, which is the track record. And the annual jockey awards the Lesters are named in his honour.



  • Golden Rules of Horse Racing Betting

    Horse racing handicapping is the art or science of picking winners and evaluating horses in order to determine each horses chance of winning. The reason we evaluate all the runners and not just the obvious few who seem by far the best is because sometimes a long shot does win a horse race. If you determine that a horse has a chance to win a race and if the same race was run ten times it would probably win at least one of those times.

    A simple method of money management is to simply bet a percentage of your bankroll for the day and only let your bankroll for the day be a percentage of your total bankroll. Therefore, you will almost always have enough for at least one more bet and won’t miss any opportunities. Keep it simple and stick with your plan to bet the same amount.