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  • English FA Finally Acts on Betting Among Players

    The Football Association in England has always been lenient towards betting in the sport. With so many of the major sponsors of the England team, the Premier League and lower leagues coming from betting sites, regulating that area can prove tricky.

    England FAHowever, the FA has decided that players will no longer be able to bet on any type of football game. This ban extends to all employees at a club. Anyone from the manager of a football team to the kit man is not allowed to put money on a Premier League or Football League game.

    This move is long overdue, with betting a long standing problem for football players. A lot of ex players have spoken about the amount of debt they racked up by betting on football. In addition, there was a spot fixing investigation that involved three Premier League players.

    There was another story related to betting in football this year. The manager of Tranmere Rovers, an English Football League team, admitted that he broke the FA’s rules on betting while he was employed by the club. Even though Ronnie Moore got to keep his job, he was sanctioned by the FA with a multiple match touchline ban. He was also fined a significant amount.

    England’s football body is hoping that by introducing a complete ban on football related betting, they will be able to remove these types of incidents from the game. Players are much less likely to go into a grey betting area if they know that any type of football betting is illegal.

    Players will still be allowed to bet on horse racing, cricket, tennis or other sports. They may also bet on football leagues from other countries, but this is not advised. Individual players are no longer allowed to endorse betting products, even though leagues and clubs can continue to promote these services.

  • Betting the Breeders Cup

    When it comes to betting online on horse racing, regardless of whether you live in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or the Moon, nothing beats the Breeders Cup for quality and value. The 15 races over two days brings together the finest race horses in the world.

    With a winning pool of $380 million established in 1984, the races have grown in purse money and international interest ever since, much to the delight of punters and fans alike. The Breeders Cup has grown into a combination of the World Series and Superbowl for the equine set.

    Breeders Cup

    Some of horse racing’s greatest events have taken place. Cigar completed an undefeated 1995 racing campaign with a breathtaking victory in the Breeders Cup Classic for older horses. Kentucky Derby winner Winning Colors went down to defeat at the wire. The French champion Arazi surprised the world with a stunning victory in the Breeders Cup Juvenile race of 1991.

    Horses come from all over the planet to compete at the Breeders Cup. A hardy contingent always enters from Japan. French horses like the filly Moesque with back-to-back Breeders Cup Mile wins and Arcangues with a 135-to-1 win at the Breeders Cup Mile epitomize this international flavor.

    As a result of the world class competition, people pack Breeders Cup venues to take it all in stride. Santa Anita has drawn upwards of 90,000 people. Churchill Downs has witnessed crowds of 106,000 people. Handles have risen consistently with bettors putting in $153 million in 2009 followed by $174 million in 2010.

    NBC-TV has been a partner in creating interest in the event. The exclusive live presenter, the network has won top awards for Breeders Cup coverage. ESPN has chipped in with pre-cup and post-cup coverage. New media and major online betting companies like TVG have been providing additional pizzazz and online betting options. More than 1,200 places simulcast the races in 25 countries. Major online sports betting outlets feature a broad card of gambling options.

    The 2014 Breeders Cup is scheduled to return to Santa Anita. The iconic track has hosted the event eight times including five of the last seven years. Online betting sites are ready to take all the action bettors want to make with special deals, promotions, and top-rate site support.

  • Horse Betting – Is It All In The Diet?

    Everyone who bets on horses has their way of determining who they are going to pick. Some people look at the names of the horses, others look at the jockeys. It may be advantageous to look at what the horses are eating prior to the races.

    horse betting

    Endurance horses performing and hot environments will become dehydrated due to a significant sweat loss. In some instances, this can be as high as nine percent of their body weight during a long-term exercise – and racing will qualify as such exercise. arge sweat losses will dramatically affect the performance and potentially the health of the animal. As a result, strategies are being created to help maintain the electrolyte and fluid balance throughout endurance races.

    When exercising horses, absorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract into the extracellular fluid is of the utmost importance. The composition of the diet consumed before the races have a significant impact on this as well.

    horse betting dietStudies were conducted at the University of Kentucky to determine whether diet composition could actually affect water balance and electrolytes in horses. The experiment used four horses to compare effects that came from consuming either a low concentrate/high hay diet or a moderate concentrate/low hay diet. Protein concentrations and body weight were used in order to monitor the dehydration levels.

    After monitoring the diet and putting the horses through a series of exercises, it was shown that the high hay diet actually resulted in the horses being better prepared for a higher level of endurance.

    This information can be used on horse betting to understand which forces will remain hydrated throughout the duration of the race. Those who are not eating enough hay may not be able to replenish their sweat loss – and this can result in losing the race.

    Especially when a horse is planning on racing in multiple races throughout the day, the diet is of the utmost importance. Gamblers who enjoy spending the time at the racetrack and talking to the jockeys and the people taking care of the horses may find it advantageous to ask about the diet. While some horse owners may not even understand the implications of the diet yet, those who are familiar with the study will understand the importance as it affects the endurance of the horse.

    While some people are still going to stick with choosing a horse by its name, others are going to look into the diet and how much hay is really being consumed.